History of UA Local 46

United Association Local 46: More than 125 years of service

Toronto's unionized Plumbers, Steamfitters and Welders have been part of the United Association since they were chartered September 1, 1890. The existing Knights Of Labour Steamfitter & Plumber locals were merged to form Local 46.

In 1992 plans were made to demolish the old Local 46 offices and construct a new building. The building, completed in 1993, currently houses the Local 46 administration, Business Agents, Dispatch and Senior Members lounge, as well as the Training Department, with a number of general and specific classrooms, Welding shop and the newly added Residential Training Facility. In late 2008 Local 46 acquired property and facilities located across the street from the main building for the purpose of expanding the current Training facility. 

The bonds of brotherhood recognize no political or geographic boundaries when it comes to United Association membership. Ours is truly an international organization with more than 50,000 UA brothers and sisters located in Canada.

Working with the same pride and determination as our fellow members in the U.S., we Canadian brothers and sisters continue to demonstrate the high degree of quality craftsmanship necessary to construct the homes, schools, office buildings, refineries, power plants and industrial facilities that are so necessary to a strong and vibrant national economy. We demonstrate solidarity as we join together to reap the benefits of unionism and pride in our united cause.