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About Apprenticeship

The United Association has the first nationally registered joint apprenticeship program dating back to 1936 in the United States, and is now proudly entering its seventh decade.
Individuals who enter a United Association five-year apprenticeship program are part of a select group of men and women motivated to learn a complex and challenging trade while upholding the ideals of trade unionism. Applicants are evaluated on the same fair basis, without regard to race, sex, national origin or religious affiliation.


An apprenticeship is a training agreement between you, the employer and the government. The agreement is for 5 periods of approximately 1800 hours each, totaling 9000 hours, although this may be reduced depending on education and trade related work experience. You will be required to attend Trade School at a community college 3 times for 8 weeks each, over the 5 terms of the apprenticeship. Upon the completion of the specified hours within your contract, and the successful completion of all the required Trade School, you will be invited to write a Certification of Qualification exam, which, if successful, will confer upon you a Journeyman's Certificate of Qualification in your chosen trade.

The wages scale as prescribed by provincial regulation, are based on a Journeyman's

Year Base Rate
1st year 40% of Journeymen Base Rate
2nd year 50% of Journeymen Base Rate
3rd year 60% of Journeymen Base Rate
4th year 70% of Journeymen Base Rate
5th year 85% of Journeymen Base Rate

In addition to the government prescribed rate scale, as a Union apprentice, you would receive the following:

  • Health and Welfare
  • Medical and Dental Coverage
  • Pension
  • Training
  • Supplementary Unemployment Benefits
  • 10% Vacation Pay

And Much more

Educational Requirements

The Joint Training and Apprenticeship Committee requires that all applicants have a minimum of Grade 12 with Math and English at a Grade 12 Level.  In addition, if you are invited to be a Local 46 apprentice, it is MANDATORY that you take JTAC Night School Classes totaling a minimum of 50 hours per year for each the 5 levels of your apprenticeship.  


Local 46 Joint Training and Apprenticeship Committee (JTAC)

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